Hello and welcome to my Fossil Repo. This repo acts as a single big mono-repo containing all of the various code that I have written over the years and felt like holding on to. This spans a wide gamut of languages, frameworks, ideas, and states of completion or maintenance.

In addition to the code this repo also has the Wiki pages that I have written, which includes pages on a variety of topics and other such bloggy things. If you want to subscribe to wiki updates you can do that with RSS here. There is also a Gemini version. Don't take any of them too seriously, I'm prone to ranting without noticing...

You can also check out my GitHub for more public-facing projects. Or the other links on my main website (also accessible from the Landing link in the toolbar).

Unless otherwise stated by more specific LICENSE files all source code in this repository is under the MIT License.

Unless otherwise stated by more specific COPYRIGHT or COPYING files all non-code assets and text in this repository, including wiki pages, are under the Creative Commons 4.0 License.